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About ITEX:

Business owners join ITEX as an additional means to grow and promote their business, sell idle inventory and reduce cash expenses. As a matter of fact, on average, a new Tulsa/Kansas City business joins ITEX every three days.

ITEX Corporation (OTC: ITEX) is a Nationwide, Membership Trading Network of small and medium size businesses that will bring their business to you.

ITEX members receive new, incremental business by selling their available skill & time, excess inventory and products & services to other ITEX members – for which they receive ITEX Dollars.

The ITEX dollars earned from these new clients can then be used to purchase goods and services with any ITEX member in our 23,000 member-national network, and do not have to be used directly back with the ITEX member that purchased from you.

Thus, ITEX eliminates all the hassles and potential issues associated with one on one bartering.

ITEX has been doing business in Tulsa/Kansas City/Branson/Ft. Smith/Joplin/Wichita for over 30 years and has over 600 business members throughout theses cities. 

Some of the categories we currently have members in, include restaurants, auto service repair centers, advertising opportunities, dentists, orthodontists, computer & network repair, commercial equipment repair, web site development, social media planners, carpet cleaning, commercial printers, cartridge refills, plumbing, painters, electricians, jewelers, commercial and residential cleaners, salons, spas, etc. Each month, we grow new business members that are implementing ITEX into their business marketing plans.

Here are more details on why businesses should barter:

The fundamental idea that makes ITEX so powerful in benefiting you financially from ITEX transactions is Leverage.  Members that understand this concept, we call it “Getting it!”, stay with ITEX for decades and do thousands in ITEX dollar transactions every year.

What is the actual cash cost for you make an additional sale?  Not the cost to keep your business open day to day.  The actual cost to make a new sale, replacing the inventory, etc. –costs directly related to the sale.  Called “variable” costs by accountants. 

Because your new sales to ITEX members are in addition to your ongoing cash sales they are considered ‘incremental’ in nature.  In other words there is a cash ‘cost’ into each ITEX dollar equal to the actual cost the business experiences when making a new sale + the ITEX transaction fee of 12% (6% on the sale plus 6% on the buy).  Knowing what that cash cost is establishes the Leverage the member has when buying with ITEX dollars. 

Example #1 - A printer has a cash cost of $350 for paper and ink to print a $1000 job for an ITEX member.  The printer’s total cash cost will be $350 + $120 ITEX Fees = $470.  But he can buy something that would have cost him $1000 cash!  A discount or savings of 53%!

Example #2 – A chiropractor takes an ITEX member and performs $1000 in services.  The chiropractor’s total cash cost will be $0 + $120 ITEX Fees = $120.  The new patient is in addition to, not instead of, a cash customer.  He can buy something with ITEX dollars with an 88% discount! 

Leverage = Actual Cash Cost of a New Sale + ITEX Transaction Fees

Economic Benefit of ITEX Sales and Leverage – ABZ Corporation with 50% COS

Before ITEX Membership                             With ITEX Sales

Sales                     $500,000                        Sales                     $500,000 + $25,000 ITEX

COGS                    $250,000                        COGS                    $262,500

Gross Profit           $250,000                        Gross Profit           $237,500 + $25,000 ITEX 

Fixed Costs            $100,000                        Cash Costs            $100,000


Variable Costs*      $100,000                        Variable Costs        $75,000 + $25,000 ITEX

                                                                 ITEX Fees             $3,000 (6% buy & sell)

Total Cash Cost      $200,000                        Total Cash Cost      $178,000

Net Profit               $50,000                                   Net Profit     $59,500

With ITEX sales adding only 5% to total sales = cash profits can be up 19%!

*In our example variable costs are those that you can use ITEX dollars to offset.

Call us today to set your ITEX account up 918.298.2266

2018 tickets:   Updated 12.19   10:45am  We are awaiting some pricing on tickets, but the list is below.

Ticket availability listed below are in the ITEX office 


Select OKC Thunder game tickets for those members that are in auto pay and qualify for the TicketNetwork

Schlitterbahn KC tickets - $45 each  No restrictions in 2018  SOLD OUT

Schlitterbahn - New Braunfels  $65  SOLD OUT

Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs - certificates available
Basin Pak Hotel in Eureka Springs - certificates available


Shows:       (# of people per ticket as stated on ticket/voucher)  No Refunds on tickets   TICKETS MAY BE SUBJECT TO SALES TAX

ABBA!  Thank You For The Music (admit 2) (Hamner Theatre)  $32 each    SOLD OUT

All Hands On Deck (admit 1) (Andy Williams Theatre)  SOLD OUT

Acrobats of China (admit 2) VIP Tickets   $50 each

Amazing Pets (admit 2) 10am show only  $77 each SOLD OUT

Andy William Ozark Mtn Christmas (admit 1) (Andy Williams Theatre) $54 each SOLD OUT

Baldknobbers  (admit 2) (Branson Famous Theatre) - $30 each SOLD OUT

Beach Boys - California Dreamin' (Hamner variety Theater)  (admit 2)  $68 each

Clay Cooper's Country Express (admit 2)  $39 each  SOLD OUT

Comedy Jamboree (admit 2)  3pm show only  $77 each SOLD OUT

Down Home Country (admit 2)   10am show only   $77 each  

Grand Jubilee  (admit 2) 7:30pm show only      $77 each

Hamner's Unbelievable Variety Show (admit 2)  $35 each  SOLD OUT

Hot Rods & High Heels (admit 1) (Clay Cooper Theatre)  $39 each

King's Castle (choose:  New Jersey Nights, Broadway's Greatest Hits, Puttin on The Ritz, or Tenor & Celtic Ladies) (admit 2)  SOLD OUT

Jimmy Osmond's American Jukebox (admit 1) (Andy William Theatre) $37 each

Million Dollar Quartet (admit 1)  $35 each    SOLD OUT

Ozark Country Radio (admit 2) (Grand Country Music Hall)  $77 each

Ozark Gospel  (Admit 2) (Grand Country Music Hall) $77 each  SOLD OUT

Ronnie Milsap (admit 1) (Andy Williams Theatre)  $50 each

Tinoco's Magnificent 7 Variety Show (admit 1)  $35 each

The World's Largest Museum Complex (admit 2)  $16.95 each SOLD OUT






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